Portco Feature: Kumu

Freddie Luchterhand-Dare
May 9, 2023

Today, we're sharing more about our portfolio company, Kumu. Kumu is a social entertainment app based in the Philippines, being the largest live-streaming company in the country. We're asking them more about how they support and empower their users, as we think they have valuable learning points that other startups and creators and learn from.

1. What are Kumu's strongest features for facilitating live-streaming and community building?

Our live streaming economy allows anyone to be a content creator—and earn an income from their fans, who support them by sending virtual gifts. We also host what we call campaigns, or competitions that allow streamers to win anything from electronics to lifechanging opportunities in TV, film, and music. And at the very center, our community features allow people to meet new friends and chosen family and spend time together live on stream.

2. What tools does Kumu offer to content creators to enhance their live-streaming experience and engage with their audience?

We offer content creators numerous tools to engage their fans in a fun ways: from randomized pick-a viewer and spinwheels to a PVP mode that allows streamers to go head-to-head with each other in intense competitions.

3. How does Kumu handle user feedback and incorporate it into its platform to continually improve its operational strengths?

Our customers are not just a source of feedback—they’re a source of leadership, and many of our employees were sourced from our power user kumunity. So our users help shape and lead the platform in real ways.

4. How does Kumu differentiate itself from other live-streaming platforms in terms of operational strengths?

Our differentiators are (1) a commitment to maintaining a safe and positive space, with internationally recognized moderation standards and (2) a commitment to growing the Philippine creative ecosystem, which allows us to link creators to opportunities within and beyond Kumu to grow their careers as creators.

5. Is there anything that you would like to add?

None off top of mind. We’re just excited to play a role in shaping the future of Pinoy culture.