We believe that culture shapes success. We prioritise diversity, action and enthusiasm in our teams, seeing value in different life experiences and viewpoints. Our portfolio companies share this belief – recognising that their ability to create transformative impact is sustained by their people.  If you’re looking to join a visionary workplace that will fully embrace both your talent and character, then we want to hear from you.
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Our Culture Principles

Lively Minds

✔ You have intellectual curiosity ✔ You are open-minded, challenge assumptions
and suggest alternatives ✔ You are hungry to stretch yourself ✔ You seek out diverse opinions

Get it Done

✔ You are a doer ✔ You ‘believability weight’ and are decisive when
you need to be ✔ You always leave people with a tangible next step ✔ You never sit on a good idea, but move on it

Own It (like a winner)

✔ You see what is best for the firm, not just for yourself ✔ You own up to your mistakes ✔ You always go for the win ✔ You argue your case on its merits, never with aggression

Live a Lot

✔ You revel in your work and the impact you create ✔ You aim to enjoy the company of those you work with ✔ You make a real effort to inspire those around you ✔ You always try to find the fun in what we do

Enter the Ring

✔ You are tenacious and willing to invest sweat equity ✔ You push the envelope and take chances when they come ✔ You build networks and make productive connections ✔ You always believe a solution can be found

Play as One

✔ You work well with a diverse group of people and make
everyone feel welcome ✔ You can accept any decision that’s been fairly debated ✔ You address any issues early ✔ You find something to respect in everyone you work with