Investing with Active Intelligence

We find and back companies creating a transformative impact where tech meets life.

Where we invest

We are a multi-stage investor in Southeast Asian B2C and B2B businesses with a compelling vision for expansion.

Series A/B

Product-market fit established

Capital for rapid scaling

Series C/D

Market leader with proven revenue traction

Capital for expansion into new markets or adjacent spaces


Ocular is an investment fund managed by Openspace, focused on the rising asset class of crypto and Web3.

Active is our energy. It shapes everything we do and defines the way we create momentum for ourselves and our portfolio companies. It is how we stay ahead in a fast-moving region and position ourselves to be in the right place and right time when transformative ideas emerge and take hold. As a team of dedicated doers, we focus on the fundamentals and go about our work with the hustle, enthusiasm and curiosity needed to operate and succeed at the sharp edge of cultural trends and technological change.

We take a street-level view, seeking out useful truths about people and the world we live in, before encouraging differing and diverse opinions about what we see and hear as a means of filtering signals from noise.

Active Intelligence means
curious and courageous

We are built to ensure that every decision can be made quickly and decisively, and then hold ourselves accountable to the choices we make.

Active Intelligence means
decisive when it counts

We like the front-foot, and act ahead of the curve, always envisioning possible future scenarios as means to prepare for inevitable opportunities, bumps or pivots.

Active Intelligence means
anticipating change

We always give frontier thinking a fair chance and leave ourselves open to being convinced.

Active Intelligence means
keeping an open mind

We demonstrate our commitment to those we work with through the actions we take.

Active Intelligence means
expressing priorities

Our firm's commitments

At Openspace, we always commit to:

Actively creating transformational impact for employees, society and the environment
Actively making our team available where and when our portfolio companies ask for help
Actively expanding our regional and operational platform to keep us ahead of the curve
Actively sharing knowledge and making connections amongst our portfolio, investors and network
Actively riding the cycles side-by-side with portfolio companies and getting creative where necessary
Actively sharing the lessons of our own experiences with candour and good humour
We help our portfolio design and implement technology infrastructure solutions needed to support current and future expansion.

Tech & Engineering

We help our portfolio harness data to provide predictive analytics and forecasting across key growth metrics.

Data Science

We help our portfolio build category-leading brands and define strategic narratives that drive success across the whole organisation. 


We help our portfolio put people and processes in place, attract the strongest talent and create engaging workplace cultures.


We help our portfolio identify relevant ideas and implement frameworks that enable them to deliver responsible impact.

ESG & Impact

We help our portfolio ensure that the right messages are being delivered in the right places to the right people at the right moment.

Marketing & Communications

We help our portfolio to form company strategies and raise any capital required to support those initiatives.

Strategy & Corporate Development

We help our portfolio companies develop, build and monitor their digital products.