Roland Ros
Rexy Dorado
Invested in 2022
Founded in 2017
Founded in 2021
Founded in 2021
Invested in 2021
Founded in 2018
Invested in 2014 Led Series A
Invested in 2018
Invested in 2020
Invested in
Invested in 2021
Founded in 2010
Invested in 2019
Invested in 2016
Invested in 2017
Invested in 2014
Founded in 2002
Founded in 2008
Founded in 2014
Founded in 2007
Founded in 2020
Founded in 2012
Founded in 2018
Founded in 2013
Founded in 2006
Founded in 2017
Founded in 2016
Founded in 2015
Invested in 2015
Founded in 2011
Media, Consumer
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sharing joy

Kumu entertains Filipinos every day as the largest local live-streaming company. It continues to provide a platform for homegrown content creators to share their creativity to eager audiences around the world. Kumu has also innovated an interactive game show option that enables creators to better connect with their followers.