Founding Partner Shane Chesson is elected Vice-Chairman of SVCA

Freddie Luchterhand-Dare
May 4, 2023

Openspace is glad to be an active participant in the Singapore Venture & Private Capital Association (“SVCA”), spearheaded by Founding Partner, Shane Chesson, who has been on the Board since 2020 and is now helping to shape the agenda after his recent election as Vice-Chairman. We extend our congrats to Shane, Sunil Mishra as Chairman and the other board members elected

SVCA involvement is a team effort from Openspace. Other team members have also been active participants in sub-committees or other projects including Ian Sikora (Technology Adoption), Jaclyn Seow (ESG), Kelvin Goh (Advocacy) and Freddie Luchterhand-Dare (Branding).    

SVCA is working hard to further enhance Singapore as a thriving investment hub for private markets. It has substantially grown its reach in the last few years with a 1.6x increase in member base (now over 200) and tripling its revenues. While it is a non-profit and members contribute their ideas and times on a voluntary basis, larger revenues help to amplify their voices and lift the contribution SVCA can make for its members and the ecosystem. This includes investing in the hard-working secretariat (led by Sukie Williamson), building up the technology platforms of SVCA to engage more with members and continuing to push for more types of interaction, capability-building and networking.

Some of the other notable achievements over the last several years include

- Networking & Ecosystem: Attracting and co-hosting landmark events like Super Return Asia in Singapore has helped to cement Singapore’s hub status. The event in 2022 was the largest Asia event on record and will be returning to Singapore in September, 2023. Super Return attracts many global investors and has become an important week on the LP andGP calendar, providing unique opportunities for local and regional players to create connections and raise or deploy capital. SVCA also hosts frequent casual get-togethers, its annual conference in June, gala dinner and well-watched awards process in September.


- Global Connectivity: As a private capital hub, Singapore has a role to play in driving up standards and effectiveness beyond its shores. SVCA has contributed to this through creating new networks into the region with its ASEAN Connect initiative. Also through interaction with global organizations such as GPCA & Global Venture CapitalCongress.


- Harnessing Views & Advocacy: A broader member base and increased engagement helps with providing a consolidated view from private markets sectors back to government decision-makers in Singapore and the region. SVCA has formed 8 new sub-committees since 2021 so that the expertise of our members and their valuable time can be better accessed and consolidated.More specific technology advocacy (e.g. Fintech sector) is ramping up this year.


- Capability Building. SVCA has always been a strong source of professional development for members (including junior and mid-stage investors) and holds frequent sessions on areas such as ESG, Investing Skills, & Risk Management with many more to come.

Markets are full of uncertainty at present which, in Openspace’s view, further emphasizes the need for more collaboration compared to the more frenetic, siloed deal making of the past cycle. Investors should work together to have a collective voice, share insights and build capabilities. Achieving that is no easy task, and it requires the dedication and focus of organisations like SVCA, and Openspace is glad to support it in this endeavour. 

If you would like more information on what SVCA can provide:

If you are a member and would like to add yourself to the Slack channel ping us at hear more about the plans and our involvement.