Claudia Kolonas
Richard Chua
Founded in 2021
Founded in 2021
Invested in 2021
Founded in 2018
Invested in 2014 Led Series A
Invested in 2018
Invested in 2020
Invested in
Invested in 2021
Founded in 2010
Invested in 2019
Invested in 2016
Invested in 2017
Invested in 2014
Founded in 2002
Founded in 2008
Founded in 2014
Founded in 2007
Founded in 2020
Founded in 2012
Founded in 2018
Founded in 2013
Founded in 2006
Founded in 2017
Founded in 2016
Founded in 2015
Invested in 2015
Founded in 2011
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helping people seize their opportunity

Pluang believes that if people understand how to invest wisely, they can experience the thrill of investing. With a focus on diversification, it is making it easier for all Indonesians to access financial markets by building an easy-to-use investment platform, with multiple asset classes and a focus on financial education. It now offers Gold, Mutual Funds, Indices and Cryptocurrency. Pluang also holds a BAPPEBTI license, enabling them to invest in commodity futures products and operates as a market maker, with access to foreign asset classes within the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME.)