Dr. Kenneth Lee
Fayyaz Singaporewala
Keith Ng
Professor Eugene (Gene) Fitzgerald
Invested in 2020
Invested in 2022
Founded in 2017
Founded in 2021
Founded in 2021
Invested in 2021
Founded in 2018
Invested in 2014 Led Series A
Invested in 2018
Invested in 2020
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Invested in 2021
Founded in 2010
Invested in 2019
Invested in 2016
Invested in 2017
Invested in 2014
Founded in 2002
Founded in 2008
Founded in 2014
Founded in 2007
Founded in 2020
Founded in 2012
Founded in 2018
Founded in 2013
Founded in 2006
Founded in 2017
Founded in 2016
Founded in 2015
Invested in 2015
Founded in 2011
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enhancing the human experience of technology

nsc is a groundbreaking integrated circuit design company. By monolithically integrating compound semiconductors with silicon CMOS, we create the chips that underpin the future technology we will use to watch, move and connect.

Through the heterogenous integration of compound semiconductors within silicon CMOS, nsc is bringing together the best characteristics of III-V materials and silicon on one monolithic integrated circuit (IC). Such chips will open up opportunities to impact design and development within vital areas of future technology.