Keechin Goh
Denzel Lee
Invested in 2020
Invested in 2022
Founded in 2017
Founded in 2021
Founded in 2021
Invested in 2021
Founded in 2018
Invested in 2014 Led Series A
Invested in 2018
Invested in 2020
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Invested in 2021
Founded in 2010
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Founded in 2002
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Founded in 2020
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Invested in 2015
Founded in 2011
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unleashing citizen data scientists

Datature was founded in 2021 and has fast become one of the most exciting end-to-end MLOps platforms allowing companies and teams to build breakthrough AI capabilities.

The end-to-end no-code platform empowers teams to swiftly create ground truths, perform transfer learning, deploy AI models, and more. Datature democratizes access to complex deep-learning algorithms by providing a full suite of powerful interfaces. To date, thousands of teams worldwide have leveraged Datature’s platform to collaborate, build and deploy breakthrough AI applications in medical, defense, manufacturing, and retail.