Zenius helps solve the teacher talent crunch tech 👩‍💻

Ian Sikora
October 5, 2021

Actively helping everyone learn

Edtech is growing really fast in Indonesia. And online teaching has emerged as a viable profession in its own right. Edtech platforms are investing in strengthening this new class of workers as it becomes clear platforms need a steady stream of quality teachers to further prop up their growth.

For the most part, edtech platforms rely on internal programmes to upskill the teachers they have already onboarded. They are now doubling down to support the next generation of online teachers. That is by establishing their own teaching academies.

In August, Zenius started the first batch of its teacher training and development initiative called the Educators Development Programme (EDP). It is a three-month course designed to teach potential hires how to become teachers for Zenius, or as written on the job postings, “content creators” for its platform. By the end of the programme, Zenius will make offers to participants it deems worthy of hiring.

These programmes should contribute to furthering the mainstreaming of online teachers as a profession.

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This summary is from an article that first appeared in The Ken, by Yunindita Prasidya.