The Venture Capital Boom In Southeast Asia: The Best Is Yet To Come 🚀

Freddie Luchterhand-Dare
October 11, 2021

Our co-founder and Partner, Hian Goh, sat down with Forbes to discuss what's next for venture capital in Southeast Asia.

“Without a doubt, there has been tremendous growth in the Southeast Asia venture ecosystem,” he told Rich Karlgaard. He also highlighted Openspace's belief that “mid-stage will become a critical battleground, because the requisite skillsets, beyond capital, are largely missing in the region. Once product-market fit has been established, the imperative becomes the ability to operate at the intersection of value creation and value extraction. It requires a fundamentally different toolkit."

He concluded by saying that the Southeast Asia VC ecosystem has reached a critical mass. The region’s fundamentals—including rising demographics and incomes—are on a ten-year secular uptrend, he says, with another decade to run. “Covid has not only turbocharged digital adoption amongst a wider population, but also the adaptation to new technologies in what had previously been more physically entrenched aspects of our lives—especially health. Taken together, we feel the region is primed for even more accelerated growth.

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