The Craft: New Episode 💥 Andy Nairn On Luck

Freddie Luchterhand-Dare
May 10, 2022

Andy Nairn, co-founder of the advertising agency Lucky Generals and author of Go Luck Yourself, is considered one of the world's leading advertisers.

Famed for global Amazon Alexa spots (yes, the award-winning Super Bowl ones), they've also done work for Virgin and Yorkshire Tea.  He has been a creative engine of the industry for many years, and we were so fortunate to capture him to discuss the role of luck in leadership.

In this conversation with Freddie Luchterhand, VP Brand Transformation, they discuss a wide range of topics, including:

💥 How can we break the taboo around luck?

🧠 What does it take to be lucky?

🍀 How can we all practice being luckier every day?

Watch the interview here👇

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The bonus: all proceeds go to Commercial Break: an organisation that helps working class kids get a lucky break into the creative industries.