Portfolio Company Feature: Janji Jiwa

Jessica Huang Pouleur
April 26, 2023

Today we're featuring Janji Jiwa, one of our portfolio companies that is a coffee chain from Indonesia that has made a name for itself not just for its delicious food and beverages, but also for its exceptional hospitality. At Janji Jiwa, the emphasis is not just on serving great drinks, but on creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests. Whether you're an entrepreneur looking to improve your  hospitality practices or simply a lover of great food and warm hospitality, there's something to take away from this.

1. We recognize that good customer service and hospitality is integral to the Janji Jiwa brand. What are several ways through which you actively strive to deliver a quality experience to Janji Jiwa customers? 

Our core brand values are: We listen, We create, and We serve. These values are very important as we are constantly pursuing excellent service for our customers. We listen to our customers' feedback and needs via platform that we use to connect with our customers, called JIWA CARE. Through that platform, we create improvements in our products, speed of service, and other quality-related highlights, be that short-term or long-term improvements. At the end of the iteration, using all the improvements through these feedbacks, we try to serve our customers better.

2. How do you balance the need for efficiency with the desire to provide a personalized and hospitable experience for customers?

We are passionate about people, our customer, and how we can serve them the best that we can. But efficiency is important to ensure that our business is sustainable, which allows us to serve them even longer. Our operation team has a set of metrics that are being used to ensure that both customer experience and outlet efficiency work together. Second Service are important in our our outlets in which our baristas need to go out of their workstation and ask customers how they’re doing and whether they need any additional products to accompany them. This ensures that the customer is feeling welcomed and at the same time will increase the outlet’s productivity.

3. How do you gather feedback from customers and use it to improve your hospitality offerings?

In the outlet level, our baristas gather feedbacks of our customers by asking. All feedbacks will be summarized regularly and multi-department meetings are regularly held to ensure any feedback are being addressed properly. Another powerful tool that we have is JIWA CARE as an online platform for our customers from all over Indonesia to connect with us directly. They can ask anything related to our products and services, which will be answered by our team in a timely manner.

4. How do you ensure that Janji Jiwa is accessible and welcoming to customers from diverse backgrounds?

It is in our best interest to ensure that every activities are enjoyable for everyone. This effort encompasses all aspects, such as the affordability of our price, the excitement that emerges from our services, the satisfaction of our product offerings, and the accessibility of our offline and online presence (omni-channel distribution). These aspects are carefully crafted so that we can serve diverse yet targeted customers to ensure a maximum impact of what we do.

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