Portfolio Company Feature: cheak

Freddie Luchterhand-Dare
April 4, 2023

We're shining a spotlight on women's activewear brand cheak, which was acquired in 2022 by our portfolio company, Love Bonito. cheak has acquired notable success and recognition as a homegrown brand focusing on inclusivity and instilling confidence in women through activewear. As such, we decided to find out more about what's behind the brand's success by asking co-founder Tiffany Chng several questions on her journey of building cheak.

1. You have achieved notable success in building recognition for Cheak across Singapore - what do you think are key factors for your success?

Always having a customer first mentality

Our customers are the heart of what we do - every design, marketing activation and operational changes are made with our customers in mind, how can we continue to add value to their lives? By taking a customer first approach, we are able to prioritise what is important to us and deliver a product and experience to our customers that will keep them coming back.

2. What are some key considerations that you take into account when coming up with products for your target audience?  

Definitely fit & colours

At cheak, fit is the most important factor for our activewear designs. We go through multiple rounds of R&D and fit sessions on different body types to ensure it provides support and comfort to all body types.

We are also known for our bright and unique colours that complement different skin tones. We look at trend forecasts, how well different colours complement each other and how it’ll enhance one's complexion. For us, it’s not just about selecting the right colours but also how we can continue to tell the story and inspire our customers post launch.

3. What are several key challenges that you’ve faced across building Cheak and how did you overcome them?

We launched cheak in the midst of the pandemic which meant we were subjected to various operational delays. For us, it was important to be flexible and nimble to overcome these struggles. When we were faced with an issue, my co-founder Olivia and I would always sit down and think objectively about what was most important to us and why we needed to carry out this task and find the best solution to help us achieve our goals.

Sometimes taking a step back helps you go further forward.

4. What would be a valuable lesson you’ve learnt over the course of your journey building Cheak that you would like to share?

Keep an open mind. Be curious and ready to learn. Entrepreneurship is about constantly growing and learning along the way. You won’t always have the answer to every problem but it’s how you face your obstacles that matter.

5. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Have fun. Enjoy your journey!

Thank you Tiffany!