Openspace Mentee Experience: Fernn

Freddie Luchterhand-Dare
March 7, 2023

Today, our OpenHours alumni Fernn Lim shares more about her experience as Nicha's mentee, as well as a short message for potential applicants. She is currently in Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) and what she does includes Marketing, HR/People and Culture. She also holds a seat on SCB’s Diversity & Inclusion council to help drive the gender and equality mandate across the bank. Here's what she had to say: 

Despite the many attempts to address the gender imbalance in the Venture Capital (VC) space, females operating in the VC ecosystem still remain largely underrepresented – where only 12% of decision makers at VC firms are women, as reported by Forbes. OpenHours is an excellent programme for any female who is interested to make a career within the Venture Capital/Financing scene. From learning about technical jargons and the latest investment themes of the industry, to having 1-1 mentor sessions – my key takeaway was the time spent with Nicha as she showed me that it’s possible to make an industry switch and excel in it.

Every new job/industry change involves the initial steep learning curve and OpenHours helps to soften the steep curve by providing you with the support needed via your mentor and community.

We make many key decisions daily; make OpenHours one of your key investment decisions this year.

Thank you Fernn!

Openspace is now accepting the applications for OpenHours 2023. If you are a woman who is keen to join our mentorship program, you can sign up here: