Openspace congratulates Gojek (GoTo) on their successful IPO 🚀

Hian Goh
Shane Chesson
April 11, 2022

Having led the Series A for Gojek back in 2014, we are so thrilled to see GoTo Group go public today, with a successful first day of trading. 🚀

We’ve been lucky to have spent a lot of time with the business and its impressive team over the past years and we wish them the best success in this next step of their journey.

We see that step as representing a significant leap forward for Indonesia and its ongoing digitisation.

We've also had the opportunity to back several technology startups in close partnership with #GoTo and entrepreneurs emerging from the business' development - all of which offer huge promise for the new possibilities coming out of an ecosystem progressing at such pace.Congratulations to all those who have been, and will be, part of #GoTo's impressive story.

“GoTo is the most differentiated technology company in Southeast Asia. Relative to its peers, diversification is going to be a very important thing that investors will need to get on top of and understand how to properly value the business,” said Shane Chesson, a partner at Openspace Ventures, one of Gojek’s earliest investors.

To support #GoTo is to support a brighter future for #Indonesia.

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