Openspace backs JIWA Group to fuel expansion and strengthen tech ☕️

Jessica Huang Pouleur
November 8, 2021

Actively bringing tech to F&B

JIWA Group, a leader in Indonesia’s technology-enabled food and beverage industry, has announced new funding from Openspace and Capsquare Asia Partners. In addition to the growth capital, we will be lending our local and regional operational expertise to further fuel the group’s expansion.  

It comes at a time when nearly 40% of Indonesian customers are buying their coffee in a grab-and-go outlet (MIX, 2020). This demand has been underpinned by a shift away from instant coffee as consumers seek higher quality coffees, as well as the desire to to pair their drink with complementary snacks. The launch of Jiwa Toast in 2019 ignited and catalysed this snacking trend, and it is now estimated that the toast market will be worth around US$50M per annum, with a 25% year-on-year growth over the next 5 years.  

“JIWA Group is the leading omni-channel tech-enabled coffee and toast chain in Indonesia.  We believe JIWA’s strong brand, unique product offerings, almost 1,000-strong offline locations coupled with increasing use of technology across all elements of the business will continue to solidify its leading position, serving a large and increasingly sophisticated market of Indonesian consumers”, said Jessica Huang Pouleur, Executive Director at Openspace.

Remaining relevant to trends, tastes and expectations

Since its launch in 2018, Janji Jiwa has grown at a phenomenal pace. In just three years, JIWA has expanded to 3 brands (Kopi Janji Jiwa, Jiwa Toast and Jiwa Tea) across almost 1,000 outlets serving 50+ products in 100+ cities in Indonesia. In 2021 alone, the company served  more than 40 million products and has more than doubled in size year-on-year.

Janji Jiwa’s signature Es Kopi Susu (palm sugar coffee) is much-loved by customers and continues to be their best-selling grab-to-go coffee. Recognising patron’s desire to eat whilst enjoying their coffee, JIWA launched a first-of-its-kind chain, Jiwa Toast, in 2019. Jiwa Toast now offers a wide variety of sandwich fillings.JIWA continues to innovate at a rapid pace, offering a mix of exciting new flavours and familiar local tastes that help the brand attract more consumers in Indonesia’s growing food and beverage market.

“Innovation and customer satisfaction have always been a part of Jiwa Group’s DNA, ensuring we stay relevant and sustainable in the dynamic F&B industry,” said Billy Kurniawan, Founder of Jiwa Group.

JIWA’s impressive growth has also been underpinned by their use of social media engagements and integrations with e-commerce and delivery platforms such as GoFood and GrabFood. Janji Jiwa now has one of the largest Instagram followings for a local grab-and-go coffee chain and has won a number of prestigious awards.

Furthering outlet expansion, technology and infrastructure development

As demand for food and beverage continues to increase, JIWA is investing in bringing their grab-and-go drinks and snacks to more people in more places. The latest funding is expected to be used for the opening of new outlets, the launching of new products as well as the scaling of warehousing, logistics and technology.

In the next phase of its growth JIWA plans to accelerate its use of technology to further enhance and optimise the customer experience, as well as improve sustainability and transparency within their supply chain as they work towards reducing their carbon footprint. Jiwa aims to strengthen its leadership in the tech enabled F&B industry in Indonesia and to become one of the prominent category leaders in Asia.

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