OpenHours Mentee Experience: Valerie

Freddie Luchterhand-Dare
March 6, 2023

We asked another OpenHours alumni, Valerie Chua, to share more about her experience at OpenHours. She currently works at EDB Singapore and is actively involved in the venture ecosystem. Here's what she had to say: 

Beyond the structured OpenHours sessions, my mentor Jessica and Jaclyn were generous with sharing their time and personal experiences on how they navigated their career journey as women, and their eventual arrival at venture capital. As someone who made a similar move at that time, their sharing resonated with me deeply.

OpenHours was also a unique opportunity to connect with a community of venture-curious women from varied backgrounds: tech startups, bankers-turned-restaurant-owners, green financiers, NGOs, academia etc. The alumni group has been actively supporting each other’s new endeavors, including one alumnus who will be publishing a book on women in venture soon!

Thank you Valerie!

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