OpenHours 2023

Jaclyn Seow
February 20, 2023

Women remain severely underrepresented in early-stage investing. To date, female founders receive less than 3% of VC investments, only 12% of women are decision-makers in VC firms and most firms still do not have any female partners. We also notice that women are often left out of networking opportunities or crucial male-only social gatherings, hindering their ability to form career-advancing connections.

At Openspace, we believe that diversity is vital in building an ecosystem that can best address the region’s most substantial needs in truly transformative ways. We recognize and fully support existing programs that focus on female founders and investors, and hope to supplement this by providing access to a variety of mentors within the firm who hold critical investment and operational roles and can share their experiences and guidance with women looking to join the VC space.

After two successful years, we are pleased to announce that we will be running our OpenHours program again in 2023 with an aim to drive more female participation and opportunity in the sector. It also helps begin to bridge the gender biases we’ve found play out in networking situations.

OpenHours is a structured 4-month mentorship program run by Openspace Ventures, a leading Southeast Asian venture capital firm. It provides exposure and guidance to female professionals in the early or mid-stages of their careers with an interest in venture capital, with experienced mentors from Openspace. In addition to one-on-one mentoring, mentees also receive invites to closed-door fireside chats and informational sessions to accelerate their process of discovery.

We launched OpenHours in 2021, with hopes to encourage broader participation by women in venture capital. We were thrilled to have a cohort of 31 mentees from almost 100 applicants across 5 countries in Southeast Asia. The program ran for 4 months under the mentorship of 20 seniors at Openspace across the areas of investments, tech, product, data science, human resources, ESG, legal and investor relations.

Stay tuned as we’ll be sharing more details about the program in the coming days.

Alternatively, you can apply here now:

Is OpenHours right for you? 🤔

Applications are open to women based in Southeast Asia with an interest in VC, who are in the early or mid-stages of their careers. Interested mentees can sign up here by 13 March 2023. We will review all applications and inform mentees of their assigned mentor by 27 March 2023.  Kindly keep the evening of 30 march free for gathering if you are selected.