Meet The Team: Nicha

Freddie Luchterhand-Dare
March 1, 2023

In this week’s edition of Meet The Team, Nicha, our Director based out of the Thailand office, shares more about her experience at Openspace.

What do you do here at Openspace?

I am Head of Thailand Coverage at Openspace. My key roles are searching for the best and the brightest founders in the country for Openspace to back, supporting other portfolio companies when they expand to Thailand, and promoting the Thai tech ecosystem within the country as well as the region.

Why did you join Openspace?

Prior to joining Openspace, I worked in the banking industry for almost two decades. During the last few years, I felt that I was not learning anything new and was afraid that I would become obsolete. I left my job and searched for a new chapter that would excite me as well as allow me to leverage my expertise and networks. During that time, the startup ecosystem in Thailand has started to have momentum and Openspace is one of a few top regional funds that understand Thailand’s potential. I tell myself that this is the new chapter that I am looking for. And I am right, I have already been with the firm for 5 years and still enjoy what I do!    

What is one unexpected thing about you?

I have stopped drinking alcohol for 15 years already. Among many reasons, I believe it makes me look young!

(Everyone here at the office agrees!) 

Who's someone you’ve always wanted to meet?

I would really want to meet Buddha, but until humans invent a time machine, I guess I will have to be content with connecting with him spiritually rather than face-to-face. Otherwise, I always enjoy meeting people from different backgrounds and cultures. I will be spending time in the Middle East for the first time in my life later this year, and cannot wait to learn about the new culture and meet new people.  

What's one thing you really like about working here?

With Openspace’s strong track record, we have many strong LPs supporting us, many top-notch founders pitching their businesses to us and many funds co-investing with us. I love every minute of exchanging ideas, sharing the ups and the downs, as well as pushing the limits with these wonderful people.

Do you have a particularly interesting or memorable highlight of working here?

The highlight of every year for me is our AGM. Every single person in the team pulls more than his or her weight to ensure our AGM is delivered with the highest quality. It’s always so memorable to see how a big event could be orchestrated among 5 offices. It's truly a  team bonding activity!

What's a really good piece of advice that you've received from someone in the office?

Hian, one of our founding partners, once told me that we can only be successful if our founders are successful.

If you were to make an Openspace pizza, what's your chosen topping?

Definitely Thai Northern sausages (Sai-Ua)