Meet The Team: JQ

Freddie Luchterhand-Dare
March 15, 2023

In today's edition of Meet The Team, we get to know Jess, aka JQ, a little better. She's an analyst on our Investments team and today, she shares more about her love for sweets and her experiences here at Openspace.

What do you do here at Openspace?

Hi! I’m Jess (aka JQ in Openspace)🙂

I’m primarily part of the Investments team covering mostly Singapore and Malaysia, across all sectors, and I support my team with portfolio companies including Datature, Nutrition Technologies, The Commerce Co and Validus. Day-to-day I work alongside my team for meeting and doing due diligence on new companies and work with our Portfolio Success and Corporate teams for ongoing portfolio management. I also dip my toes into other firm building activities where they need help, such as Investor Relations and Ministry of Fun!

Why did you join Openspace?

It’s rare enough to come across a VC fund in the region with a demonstrated track record, it was even more rare to come across a VC with that together with a vibrant team. Overall I aligned with Openspace’s investment strategies and discipline, the thorough end-to-end processes before and after investments that allows for relationship building with companies, the sharpness and wit of the team, and their plans for continuity as a firm. It was a team I felt like I could contribute to and continue to learn from everyday.

What is one unexpected thing about you?

I would love to have a sheep farm one day in the English countryside (ideally Gloucestershire).

Who's someone you’ve always wanted to meet?

Can’t pick just one so give a cheeky answer here. From a professional perspective, it would be great to sit in one (or more) episode of the All In podcast and get to know the folks there. Personally, probably Queen Victoria at a dinner party. Apparently she was quite LOL.

What's one thing you really like about working here?

I think you’ll find a trend of answers for this question being the people in the firm, and unsurprisingly I echo the thought. It’s such a curious, creative but intelligent bunch that I learn from and enjoy conversations with every single day (honestly, everyone is so cool ). We really make an effort to get to know each other as a person, beyond just a colleague. The type of work we are exposed to is extremely vibrant as well, everyday different groups of brain cells are getting utilised and sharpened.

Do you have a particularly interesting or memorable highlight of working here?

Probably in the first week I joined, it was the first return of our annual F1 party and the whole firm turned it up to say the least (think F1 simulators meet pizzas-from-scratch meet conversations meet tequila shots afterwards). Many folks flew in from regional offices so it was great to meet everyone in person from the get go. On top of that we were also balancing BAU work so that gave me a good flavour of the work hard-play hard energy of the firm.

What's a really good piece of advice that you've received from someone in the office?

Don’t rush into it.

If you were to make an Openspace pizza, what's your chosen topping?

I’ve got a massive sweet tooth and I feel like the Openspace pizza masters would never approve of this - but something with Nutella and/or cookie sauce, strawberries and whipped cream. If that fails, I love a simple pepperoni.