Meet The Team: Amy Zhao

Amy Zhao
April 19, 2023

In this week's edition of Meet The Team, we get to know Amy a little better! Amy Zhao leads Ocular Crypto and Investor Relations here at Openspace, and she has extensive experience investing in crypto, as well as the impressive ability of being trilingual.

What do you do here at Openspace?

I lead Openspace’s web3 fund, Ocular.

Why did you join Openspace?

I joined from a big hedge fund, which is contrarian to a lot of people’s career decisions. I was excited  about the potential of technology innovation in Southeast Asia and being one of the early employees of a firm that is well positioned to capture the opportunity.  

What is one unexpected thing about you?

That I’ve never been on a roller coaster? 

Who's someone you’ve always wanted to meet?

Satoshi Nakamoto

What's one thing you really like about working here?

Working with high performing people  who are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and investing.

Do you have a particularly interesting or memorable highlight of working here?

Every time we close a fund we eat Macdonald’s, across 5 offices. It’s a tradition


What's a really good piece of advice that you've received from someone in the office?

Treat your juniors like your clients.

If you were to make an Openspace pizza, what's your chosen topping?

Stuff crust (just because Hian would never agree to it).