Hian Goh and Gervin Yang open #PHSW21, sharing insights on scaling

Hian Goh
Gervin Yang
November 16, 2021

Yesterday, as Philippine Startup Week 2021 #PHSW21 kicked off, we were thrilled to have Hian Goh and Gervin Yang deliver a keynote, addressing a large audience joining the Mainstage.

In line with our belief in Active Intelligence, they gave was a practical look at what founders can learn from how regional tech leaders have grown.

Hian opened by emphasising how much the Philippines has been close to his heart, ever since he first became involved in the country during his days building Asian Food Channel before Openspace. Over the last four years, Openspace has continued to focus on the burgeoning opportunity in what we see as one of the most attractive markets in Southeast Asia, best captured in our decision to back Kumu as the first regional institutional investor.

Hian and Gervin then shared four fundamental principles around scaling a business:

Total Addressable Market: consider what makes sense for your business, adjacencies you can expand to, and the problem you are trying to solve.
Product: focus on getting the product right first, and that your unhappiest customers are your greatest source of learning.
Team: combine the best of global and local teams.
Investors: not every investor will offer you the same value add, so find one that you feel believes in your "why" and can contribute to your "how."