Capabilities Focus: Miranda Wang on Recruitment & Talent

Freddie Luchterhand-Dare
February 23, 2023

This week’s feature for Capabilities Focus is our Senior Recruiter at Openspace, Miranda Wang. She specializes in HR and recruitment, and was trained by the global recruitment agency Hudson earlier in her career.

At Openspace, she focuses on recruiting the best talents for our team, as well as working closely with portfolio companies on critical hiring needs with advising and providing talent insights.

She’s always found that there is huge value-add to portfolio companies when solving actual recruitment problems. Hiring the right person is definitely critical, but helping understand how to hire and who to hire are really more meaningful to the business’ growth. She’s currently working on building up the recruitment process and providing interview guidelines to our portfolio companies.

She started down this career path in recruitment through her first internship as a tech recruiter, which gave her much exposure in understanding people and helping people in their professional journeys.

She said: “I enjoy listening to people and helping people by nature, so after working on this recruiter internship, I found out that actually the recruiter role can combine my interests with my professional career. That’s the beginning of my career. Gradually the more people I talked to and helped to land their dream job, the greater motivation I gained which drives me consistently till now.”

When asked about important lessons that she’s picked up over the course of her career, here’s what she had to say:

“The most important lesson I’ve learnt is to embrace changes with empathy and emotional intelligence, as well as the ability to listen.

When things are not going well or as planned as it is, which happens almost everyday in our life, I keep following the positive and understand the positive sources from which it came. It makes the changes or challenges easier.”

She shared how we all understand that finding and hiring the right people is not an easy task. When hiring, she recommends selecting people with at most 3 requirements that fit top business priorities, instead of finding someone who is 100% perfect for the role.

As a final statement, she adds: “If you are someone in the market that is passively looking around for new opportunities and I might have reached out or will reach out to you one day, don’t turn down the message immediately. You should listen to it first and the role might be the one that you have dreamed about. Meanwhile, if you are job seekers, you should know about your strength and career path, and read through the job description before you apply for the role.”